Prefabricated Wooden Frame House

Prefabricated Wooden Frame House

Evrodim and the automated WEINMANN line

Our progressive prefabricated timber frame houses are realized through work on the automated WEINMANN line. This is advanced technology that allows us to manufacture the load-bearing wooden frame and multilayer building panels for walls, floors, ceilings and roofs with millimeter precision.
The high-precision WEINMANN CNC machine creates all the frame elements, guaranteeing the accuracy of sizes and angles of the parts, as well as their marking. All panels are assembled on specialized WEINMANN carpentry tables, after which the multifunctional bridge performs automated fixation of panel elements, forming openings and finishing edge processing.
All ready-made elements, including panels and trusses, are stored on the automated WEINMANN finished product warehouse, where they undergo final finishing, including the installation of windows and doors. Trusses and rafter structures are assembled using advanced MiTek technology.
The production process on such complex automated equipment requires high qualification and experience of our team, which includes designers, operators and maintenance personnel. They ensure the quality of the product, analyzing static loads, thermal, moisture and sound insulation properties of all building elements.


Our professional and experienced staff of workers, engineers, managers, and assemblers work on the implementation of each project. They take into account climatic and natural conditions, as well as needs in the location of internal engineering networks, preparing appropriate niches for their laying.
Experienced design and technical personnel select materials and structures that meet all necessary requirements for creating reliable, warm, and comfortable houses. The production process includes checking of projects, analysis of static loads, thermal, moisture and sound insulation properties of all building elements.
All materials and raw materials used in the production process are EU certified, and the WEINMANN technology, including the production line and processes, is also EU certified.
Evrodim is proud of its high-quality production, extensive experience in the construction of timber-frame houses and the ability to carry out the full cycle of construction using modular technology.



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